Tally Rewards

2- 1 KP or 2000 Nuyen

4- 2 KP or 4000 Nuyen

6 – an extra die to any roll

8- 5 KP or 10,000 Nuyen

10- free use of an Edge point (use Edge dice, but does not count towards use of Edge for the day/session)

12- automatic stabilization

14- increase a contact loyalty by 1 (up to maximum)

16- heal either physical or stun damage track (all blocks on one)

18- able to purchase a single item (or multiple in the case of ammo, expendables) up to availability of 20 for book cost and receive within a day

20- Refresh all Edge

80- Reboot! Dump your existing character at the orphanage and create a new character with the same Total Karma Earned.

100-Raise one skill (not skill group) by one up to maximum level.

200-Raise one attribute by one up to racial maximum.

Tally Rewards

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